Imaging Device with LIVE USB

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4 - 8gb USB stick (contents will be erased)

Formatted USB stick bootable with Fat32 partition

Xubuntu LTS (for creating EFI - NUC only)

Create USB Rescue

Get newest ISO file available at

Create bootable ISO to 4gb USB Stick using Windows/Mac application UNetbootin

Select ISO *.name_of_iso to USB

Insert prepared USB stick in target into computer with ISO

Hardware defaults to boot from USB Stick as first boot device.

Power on Device

Installer may ask for single Y (Yes) confirmation to continue with install.

Status screen shows state of image restore. 5 - 10 minutes to complete. The installer may appear to hang at 88%. Be patient it is copying over large files.

When complete. Remove USB, Reboot and enjoy a newly restored OpenBroadcaster Device!

Preparing EFI Bootable USB Stick

Insert a USB stick

From Xubuntu>Settings Manager/Disks

Select USB device, Create Fat 32 Partition

Edit partition Type "UEFI (FAT-12/16/32) (Bootable)"

Alternative - Create bootable USB Stick with thirdparty application

Setting up the BIOS on target - NUC Device Only

Power device and press "F2" to get into BIOS


Only UEFI boot should be selected and USB should be in Boot devices

Legacy Boot MUST NOT be enable

Imaging hangs on NUC Device

If USB stick doesn't boot. On power up, Press "F10" for boot menu

Only UEFI boot devices are present including the main 64GB Sata system drive and the UEFI USB stick

Select and Boot from UEFI USB Stick