Install Player Instructions

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Player Installation Instructions

Download Player Source Code extract to /opt/obplayer/

1. See dependencies.txt for player dependencies

2. Run bash "obplayer_check" or bash "obplayer_loop -f". "bash obplayer_check -h" for help

3. Http admin panel http://<IP_of_Player_Device>:23233 default user = admin default password = admin

4. Configure tabbed menus

5. Restart the player

Checklist for installing on 16.04 LTS Xubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS BIOS > Update firmware, enable AC power restore, disable halt on errors, hide splash screen on boot
All Settings>Startup Applications>/point_to_path/obplayer_loop -f (full screen)

All Settings>Screen Saver>Disable screen saver for Signage\TV. For LA set screen saver to power off and blank screen after 20 minutes. No password on resume
All Settings>Power>Turn off power management
All Settings>User Accounts>Enable auto log in. Edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf [Seat Defaults] autologin-user=<YOUR USER>