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Post Installation Server Troubleshooting

After install, log in as user with Admin privileges and Run updates as Admin user at


Fix for OB Sites in config

add a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)

nano /etc/hosts

"This file format is not supported" and "Cannot upload media"

ln -s /usr/bin/ffmpeg /usr/local/bin/avconv
ln -s /usr/bin/ffprobe /usr/local/bin/avprobe

Old School Manual Install

  1. creating DataBase,
  2. create database User
  3. importing sql script to populate database
  4. renaming "config.sample.php" to "config.php"
  5. editing "config.php"

Installation Script

Assuming your DNS is configured, you should be able adjust ob.apache.conf to your system and copy it to the appropriate spot for your machine, restart apache, and browse to //Your_IP/ to access your system. Login in with username admin and the password you set for the OpenBroadcaster Admin user.

Configure Email

Setup outgoing mail service using __exim4__ :

1. Open a `Terminal Emulation` console. 1. Run the command `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install exim4-base`. 1. Run the command `sudo dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config`. 1. Choose 'Smarthost with no local mail', accept the defaults up to smarthost, enter a valid mail server (you'll need a mail account there) as the outgoing smarthost, then accept the defaults to the end. The Mail Transfer Agent will restart. 1. Edit the exim4 password file `sudo nano /etc/exim4/passwd.client` and enter a valid outgoing email account, using the format "target.mail.server.example:login:password".

__Sample Email__ From: Subject: OpenBroadcaster 5.0 Player Warning This is a warning that Player "CALLSIGN 106.7 FM" has not connected for "schedule" in the last hour. Please take steps to ensure this device is functioning properly.