Port Forwarding

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Port Forwarding

Find external IP of network at http://whatismyipaddress.com

This layout is an example of a *123.1 network with an OBServer and OBPlayer on same hardware with a second box dedicated to LA (live Assist)

Once this is enabled, from outside network, in browser http:/External_IP:23233 will redirect to the internal player's dashboard

Router setup example port forwarding

External Port Internal Port Protocol To IP Address Description
22 22 TCP\IP SSH for remote Access
2222 22 TCP\IP SSH for remote Access Touch
80 80 TCP\IP OBServer (HTTP)
443 443 TCP\IP OBServer (HTTPS)
5900 5900 TCP\IP VNC Remote Desktop Sharing for Diagnostics
8000 8000 TCP\IP ICECast Server (HTTP)
8443 8443 TCP\IP ICECast over SSL Server (HTTPS)
8080 80 TCP\IP Barix Exstreamer
8081 80 TCP\IP Barix Instreamer
23233 23233 TCP\IP OBPlayer Dashboard
23234 23233 TCP\IP OBPlayer Dashboard Touch
23456 23456 TCP\IP Live Assist
23457 23456 TCP\IP Live Assist Touch
Live Assist
5004 5004 UDP RTP Incoming Streams
5005 5005 UDP RTP Incoming Streams