Provisioning Imaged Device to Network

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Image and reboot device.

See Imaging Device with LIVE USB


OBserver create target device, with a <device id> and <password> or set credentials in existing device

After imaging, all machines will have the same user name and accounts

Personalization of obplayer host device

1) Change Hostname <Channel0XXX?>

hostname "new host"

edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts

2) IP Info

LAN Wired Connection (example)

IP = 10.XX.XX.XX


GW = 10.XX.XX.XX



Address =

Netmask =

GW = Same as LAN

WAN (OpenBroadcaster)

IP = 192.168.123.XXX

Subnet =



Connect to wireless network “openbroadcaster” with network manager

3) Associate OBPlayer to server


Change <Device ID> to match managing server

Change <Password>

Save settings

Reboot computer. Plug in network cables

Initial Start Up

What should happen upon reboot. OBPlayer runs in a loop, so that when the application quits it auto-starts in 5 seconds. If started with -f will start in full screen mode. Moving mouse to top of screen reveals GTK menu.

Access Dashboard panel on a separate machine at http://<IP>:23233

Observe real-time connection messages in the logging window and note any errors which are only displayed in red.