Upgrade OBPlayer to Latest LTS

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Checklist before upgrading OBPlayer machine to latest Xubuntu LTS

Copy and verify this data onto 2 separate media before reinstalling\wiping computer

1) IP Network info of OBPlayer computer

2) User info, login passwords

3) Cron info or refer to Crontabs

4) CP /opt/Google/chrome/YOUR_PROFILE.default

5) CP /home/.mozilla/firefox/YOUR_PROFILE.default/

6) CP /etc/icecast2/icecast2.xml

7) CP certificate from /usr/local/share/ca-certificates

8) CP ./openbroadcaster including *.db and subdirectories

9) CP contents of Fall_Back_Media as specified in settings

To Restore

Upgrade to latest OS version, add dependencies, apply updates then install the OBPlayer application

Put these files back where they where, overwriting when necessary.