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Version 5 is presently our major version. If there are significant UI changes or compatibility breaks, then that gets bumped up to 6.

master = stable production

testing = RCs, new features

develop = unstable, possibly broken or incomplete

gh-pages = documentation

Stable branch used for alert-only installations where stability is particularly important.

Testing branch might be used on production servers. It is always kept in a state of 'close to production ready'.

Develop branch used for very unstable code in the middle of development. Develop branch used for rolling release numbers (with the date), but testing does not.

GH-Pages branch used for documentation that is rendered on support site.

This versioning system adds to numbering releases (5.1, 5.2) used previously.

OBPlayer and Server Application versions may not be in sync as releases can occur separately. However, a note with the release will indicate a required OBPlayer or Server Application version.


The master branch is the stable production branch.

In git, master is always the default branch when downloading or viewing the repo. We always keep the two branches identical anyways.

All new installs ideally use the master branch, and testing would only be for using cutting edge features.