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Want to help Develop OpenBroadcaster?

OpenBroadcaster is a Media Assent Management System with an Emergency Alerting System using an Open Source framework for broadcast media.

We support radio and TV stations internationally to share streaming community media. If you are looking for a project to learn and volunteer we will be happy to provide assistance.

Getting started:

  Send a request to Mailing List and introduce yourself to the OpenBroadcaster community!
  Check out all the wiki info, YouTube Channel with archived webinars and visit the Bug Tracker
  Installation instructions to setup a Development Environment

The broadcast community thanks you for anything you can assist with, whether it be helping with; Documentation, Translation, Updating the wiki or creating fixes for issues.

Prepare Development Environments

Source Code

Using Github

Imaging Device with LIVE USB

Experimental Dependencies


Coding Standards

Modules Development

UI Development

Translation Guide



Command Line

Code Style Guide