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Getting Started OBPlayer

Log in <IP_of_Player>:23233 Default User = "admin" Password = "admin"

Getting Started OBServer

Log in Create new account at the login page. Fill in the NAME, USERNAME and a real EMAIL. If there will be more than one programmer for your show, please make the USERNAME the name of your group or show. Everyone in the group will then use the USERNAME and PASSWORD you have created. When you CREATE NEW ACCOUNT, Administrator will activate your account giving you permission to go ahead and make radio at your station.

Provision Player in Server

Only do this if there is nothing displaying in Schedules

  1. In server create a new player (this creates schedule), set a password/
  2. Setup player with the password you assigned in server with the sync url of your server ie <IP_of_Server>remote.php
  3. Restart player with Admin>Delete DB and restart (this forces schedule refresh)

Observe sync connection messages. If no Red Errors then player is provisioned and is now run from server

Upload Media

  1. On the bottom Navigation Bar is a Media>Upload Media.
  2. Select the file you want to upload.
  3. Fill in info for Artist,Title and Album
  4. Save data

Your media is now in the database and can be searched

Search Media All searches are based on the parameters you include when you upload your tracks. Please be accurate and thorough as possible when uploading tracks.

Under the media tab you will find

  1. Simple: Quick search. Start typing and search results will appear.
  2. Advanced: Click to find keywords in artist, title, search by genre and other types, duration (in seconds). Check out the drop down menus for all the options. Click the Add button to apply the filter. Too many filters may not give you a result. To get out of Advanced search click the Simple link.

Make a Playlist

  1. Select PLAYLIST "NEW"
  2. Name your PLAYLIST
  3. Click hold to drag and drop media it into your PLAYLISTS.
  4. Status select visible. This allows users to see your show, but not change it. Private makes your show invisible to others. Public shares media through API (if setup)
  5. Save Data.

Schedule a Show

  1. Open Schedule on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Locate PLAYLIST from sidebar and drag it into the schedule.
  3. Select the date they are assigned and the show is set into the schedule.

Media Items and schedule information will automatically sync from server to player

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