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Mobile HTML5 Interface of OBPlayer

Accessed at IP and Port: <IP_of_the_OBPlayer at Studio>:23456

LA Lexicon

Screen Elements

Hot Buttons

Created in Server as LA PL and dragged to LA Play List

System Buttons

"Line In"

Local Line in, such as mixing board or satellite receiver. Works in conjunction with "Line In" scheduling feature from OBServer

"RTP Incoming"

Using the local_streamer tool to receive incoming stream from laptop in field.

Local Microphone Panel

Live Streaming from LA Laptop

Install OBPlayer on laptop and make sure dependencies are met

cd /opt/obplayer/tools

./local_streamer --IP <IP-of_the_remote_obplayer>

Open up Pulse Audio Advanced Mixer

Configure IceCast server to accept source from OBPlayer's streaming tab

Open Terminal, test and run command

/opt/obplayer/tools/local_streamer -h with -h (Help) to list optional commands

System Buttons

Grey 'line in' is local input on the player computer. It is not a remote connection. In the case of station with a soundcard, the digital satellite feed goes into that input. The line in feature on the server, where you can schedule line in content, is the exact some input that's connected to the line in button on the live assist.

local_streamer program is a RTP sender. It sends audio packets over UDP from the laptop on which it is run to the player computer. Run the local streamer and the pavucontrol program on the laptop from which you're sending. When you click the start button on the local streamer, it will add an entry on the Recording tab of the volume control. You can then select additional usb audio adaptors in Pulse Audio volume control>Configuration.

With the local_streamer program still playing, click on *only* the RTP button on the live assist. You don't need to click on any other buttons. A triangle > will appear next to the RTP button, count down timer will appear below and the VU meter in the lower *left* corner will show a signal.


Right click on desktop to create launcher (shortcut) using this sample info below

Local Streamer Launcher.png

When with the proper options this will create a floating window with "Start and Stop" buttons to turn on live streaming

To use Live Streaming

Create and schedule a LA playlist

Click the start button to begin Live streaming your PL material

On the LA interface, From top right drop down menu, Select, Microphone, Monitor or currently playing material or Mic and Monitor so that you can talk over the media playing.

Connect\Disconnect buttons turn on\off the live mic\monitor.

You can now begin speaking into mic and set the level. You may also toggle MUTE.

When finished show, click Disconnect on LA and Stop on the floating window


The RTP settings in the dashboard must match the settings used on the command line to launch the local_streamer, or else it will sound wrong.

The livewire setting is uncompressed audio, and would be the -e L24 command line option on the local streamer. Opus is compressed audio, so it should mean less data sent across the network. There might be an issue with Opus not supporting 44.1Khz for some reason, but if it works, that might help with audio quality. It's also possible to transmit mp3 but I don't think there's an option in the dashboard for it, and it'll be about the same as opus. The default opus bitrate is 64kbps cbr. This can be modified on the local streamer side only, if needed, but it's already pretty low. You might also be able to adjust some of the rtp settings like packet size and buffer levels, but there currently aren't settings in the local streamer for that. It would be lines 129 and 138 of the local streamer.

When using remote broadcast with (RTP) the little white triangle/arrow will sometimes/often not show up next to the RTP button but the RTP becomes active as is noticeable below showing the RTP duration counting down. Other times, the RTP doesn't work altogether.

Another thought, it could be handy to have the RTP option for all playlists for those instances where we have special on location broadcasts where we can "interrupt regular programming to bring you this special live presentation." - this could be moot if the LA issue of running past scheduled end time is corrected, as then all our playlists could in theory be LA.

When media is playing whose duration extends beyond the scheduled end time of the show, the show does not end and the media continues playing beyond show end (next show on schedule does not start on time, or next show is overdubbed ie not heard until the LA media finishes playing), causing the next shows beginning not to be heard (ie join regular programming already in progress). Uncertain but LA screen may show 'override' and sometimes causes the next show to not display (override, no show playing).

Would be helpful if LA shows could not go past their scheduled time (ie cut off media that would otherwise play past end time.

Our workaround has been live shows will play an alternate audio source at the end of the show then fade in the next show as it starts. (the LA screen must say 'paused' at show end otherwise it will blink and override the next time slot).

Something noticed as well, when LA goes past (override) then does end within a few minutes, the next show (non LA) is already in progress and when we click on the beginning of the show again to start it over, it will play for a short time then seems to jump ahead to where it would have been if we hadn't replayed the media from the beginning (its like the non-LA playlist is hardwired for its timing).