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Mission Statement Open Broadcaster's mission is to develop and provide products and services for broadcasters of any size, working in analog or digital environments. We offer open-source broadcasting solutions to individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and communities that allow them to distribute media over the air and via the Internet in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We aim to strengthen links between communities and cultures globally by supporting and facilitating the formation of broadcaster networks that are capable of pooling resources, jointly managing media, and sharing stories.

About Us

Since its incorporation in 2005, Open Broadcaster Inc. offers hardware, software and streaming solutions to help our clients be effective at any scale of operation. While our various solutions differ in their specific functions, they are linked by several common features:

All are developed to offer unparalleled operational stability and reliability - you can be confident that your operation will continue to broadcast even when you are away for long periods.
All are Open Source - under the AGPL3 Open Source Licence, our base software offering is free to use - even for commercial applications.
All are managed through a web-based portal using Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari  or any other modern browser to securely run your media operation from anywhere in the world.
All provide crucial emergency messaging services to audiences using supported media types including audio, image and video.
All are highly upgradeable - click a button and get the most recent upgrades free!

Open Broadcaster’s business model is based on the development of public domain open source software with revenue generated through customization, service and technical support. In the event a customer has specific requirements outside of a standard release, custom modules may be developed and supported with service and onsite training.